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Capital Needs Inventory and Prioritization

In November 2016, Metro completed the 10-Year Capital Needs Inventory and Prioritization (CNI) PDF Icon, which identified Metro's unconstrained capital needs from 2017 through 2026 to advance or maintain a State of Good Repair (SGR), meet regulatory compliance, and invest in safety and other critical system enhancements.

Current Initiatives

System Ridership and Analysis

Metrobus Planning

Metro is defining and advancing a new vision for a family of bus services throughout the region including service integration, operations improvements, running way improvements, bus stop facilities, and customer information.

Station Area Plans and Access Improvement Studies

Metro is committed to increasing and improving access to its Metrorail stations. This includes facilitating easy bicycle, pedestrian, and vehicular access to station areas, planning for additional entrances to rail stations, and working with local jurisdictions to encourage and enable quality development opportunities around our stations.

District of Columbia



Station Joint Development Projects