Better Bus Initiative Bus Stop and Shelter Improvements Program

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We are improving the Metrobus experience for our customers by replacing some of the oldest bus shelters across our region. As part of Metro’s Bus Stop and Shelter Improvement program, our shelters needing the most care and attention (many of which have been in place for nearly 50 years) will be getting a new look!

These enhancements are part of Metro’s Better Bus initiative to improve your Metrobus experience from the bus stop to your final destination. Our goal for the new shelter design is to achieve a balance between longevity and ease of maintenance with a modern look and amenities like reliable electronic signage and enhanced lighting. These new shelters will also be larger and more accessible for our customers, including those with disabilities.

Better Bus will bring a lot of changes including new zero emission buses, new facilities, enhanced service, improved customer information and ease of travel for buses by adding more bus priority lanes and transit signals. These investments made possible by our Capital Improvement Program, which will invest $12B in Metro’s system safety, reliability, and the region’s economy over the next six years. 

Our Better Bus program focuses on 6 key strategies:

Better Bus Improvements

Temporary Bus Shelter Installation

The Bus Stop and Shelter Improvements is underway.  To ensure our customers are protected from the elements and have a comfortable area to wait until the new design shelters are ready for installation in 2024, Metro has begun replacing some of our oldest bus shelters with temporary wooden bus shelters. The temporary wooden bus shelters will include all existing benches, lighting and electronic signage. A total of 75 existing bus shelters will be replaced in 2023.

Metro’s Art in Transit provides artwork to cover the exterior and interior walls of the temporary bus shelters. The artwork reflects the community where the temporary bus shelters are located and was created by the original Architect of the Metro system. Informational signage about the artwork will be placed on the interior walls of the temporary bus shelters.

Fort Totten

Fort Totten

Fort Totten

To learn more and which shelters will be replaced this year, see the Temporary Bus Shelter Installation Advisory.

Refreshed Design Underway

Metro is finalizing the design of new, permanent bus shelters, which will provide customers with enhanced comfort and modernized amenities. Installation of the new bus shelters is anticipated to begin in 2024.

Stay Informed

Keep up with upcoming projects, work at or around your station and service changes through the following ways:

  • Pay attention to posted signage. We are committed to notifying customers ahead of any service impacts.
  • Subscribe to MetroAlerts. This includes up-to-the minute email & text message updates personalized to your travel habits, including specific times and stations.

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