Facilities Modernization Program

Facilities Modernization Program

As part of our Facilities Modernization Program, we're rebuilding and modernizing our bus and rail operations facilities to provide better service and minimize disruptions. This includes upgrading our bus garage divisions and rail yards, which play a crucial role in strategic planning, vehicle maintenance and overall operations.

Reliable Service and Enhanced Safety

More than 1,600 buses and 1,200+ railcars are critical to connecting our customers and communities to the region. Our Facilities Modernization Program ensures that the buildings responsible for maintaining and operating these vehicles are equipped with the latest technologies, sustainable practices and prioritize employee and customer safety.

Environmentally Conscious Buildings

Many of our new and fully renovated buildings are designed to achieve LEED® certification, the leading green building rating system. They incorporate energy-saving features like solar panels and LED lighting, contributing to more sustainable operations.

Our Facilities currently under construction include:

This infrastructure investment will allow us to modernize our technology while also streamlining our processes to minimize service disruptions, reduce delays and enhance overall reliability. Stay tuned for updates on future facilities modernization initiatives.