Cost to Ride

Buying Fares: What You Need to Know

  • Metrorail fares vary by time of day and the distance between stations. Use Metro's Trip Planner to calculate the fare for your trip.
  • Each person needs his/her own SmarTrip® card to enter and exit Metrorail. However, up to two children under age five may travel for free with each fare paying adult.
  • Groups can order SmarTrip® cards by mail that are tailored to their needs. Call Bulk Sales at 202-962- 5700 for assistance. (Note that there is no discount for bulk sales.)

Metrorail Fares

Peak fares are in effect:

  • Weekdays from opening until 9:30 a.m. and between 3:00 and 7:00 p.m.

Off-peak fares are in effect at all other times. For more information, see the Metrorail Fares page.

To determine the fares between two stations, go to the Metrorail Stations page and click on the station where you're starting your trip.

Metrobus Fares

Metrobus fare for regular routes is $2.00 using a SmarTrip® card or cash. The fare for express routes is $4.25 using a SmarTrip® card or cash. Fare for seniors and people with disabilities is $1.00 for regular routes, $2.10 on express routes.

You must have exact change. Bus operators do not carry money. Please have your pass, transfer or exact fare ready when you board. For more information, see our Metrobus Fares page.

Parking Fees

Metro operates parking facilities at 44 Metrorail stations, offering daily or hourly parking. 36 stations offer reserved parking, in which customers purchase permits to park in reserved spaces. For more information, please see the parking information page.

Purchase Fares

Purchase SmarTrip® cards, farecards and passes only from authorized outlets. SmarTrip® cards, farecards and passes sold elsewhere might be forged or stolen, and may be rejected when used. Authorized locations include: