Metro Real Estate and Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

Quick Facts

Metro owns more than 1,000 acres of property in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia that includes 91 rail stations, 117 miles of track, 54 parking facilities, 50 bus loops, and numerous rail yards and maintenance facilities. These real estate assets support the Authority’s rail, bus, and para-transit operations, employ 13,000 persons, and serve nearly 1 million customers daily (pre-COVID).

The mission of the Office of Real Estate & Parking (LAND) is to maximize ridership, transit access, generate revenue, and stimulate economic development by safely, effectively, and proactively managing Metro's real estate and parking assets. The office directly serves the real estate needs of Metro's rail, bus, and para-transit services and supports transit ridership and revenue growth through transit-oriented development (TOD).

Metro has a long tradition of fostering growth around its rail stations and continues to seek new partners interested and experienced in transit-oriented development through its Joint Development Program. The Projects Map PDF Icon below highlights Metro's:
Completed Joint DevelopmentsCompleted Joint Developments
Existing Joint Development AgreementsExisting Joint Development Agreements
Future Prospective ProjectsFuture Prospective Projects

The Office of Real Estate & Parking additionally coordinates other private uses of WMATA property, adjacent construction activities, and stations area plans, provides real estate permits, and manages Metro's commuter parking and bicycle parking operations. Any inquires or requests regarding the Office of Real Estate & Parking can sent by email at