Metro's Sustainability Initiatives

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By choosing to ride Metro trains and buses our customers help fight climate change 1.2 million times every day. As a result the region saves 41 million gallons of fuel and avoids emitting 400,000 tons of carbon annually. Our riders' commitment to Metro promotes sustainability for the entire region.

Also, investments in sustainable technology and practices make good business sense. Meeting Metro's sustainability targets will help reduce costs and improve service while expanding the environmental benefits Metro already brings to the region.

Metro's Sustainability Lab is dedicated to piloting cost-saving green technology and practices across the Authority. Since 2014, the Lab has implemented projects related to the use of energy, water, and waste disposal that are expected to save the Authority $700,000 in operating costs over the next five years.

Metro's Sustainability Initiative sets ten targets that launch the Authority and region on the path to becoming the most sustainable in the nation.

Metro's Sustainability Targets

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