Save Money with SmartBenefits

A free commuter benefits program

SmartBenefits® is a fee-free way for employers to save thousands in payroll taxes while allowing employees to commute tax free in DC, Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland.

Top Five Reasons to Use SmartBenefits

Save icon 1. Save, Save, Save Employers can save thousands in payroll taxes and third-party administration fees while employees commute tax free. Maryland employers can save even more with Commuter Choice Maryland.
Recruit icon 2. Recruit, Retain and Motivate Commuter benefits can help make you an employer of choice. You can offer SmartBenefits® as a direct employee benefit, a pre-tax deduction, or a combination of both.
Commute icon 3. Commute Tax Free on Metro and More Use SmartBenefits® with Metrorail, Metrobus, regional buses and Metro parking as well as MARC, VRE, MTA Commuter Bus, Metro Access and many vanpools.
Comply blue icon 4. Comply with DC Law DC employers with 20+ employees can use SmartBenefits® to comply with DC's commuter benefits law.
No fees icon 5. No fees to participate!

Get Started

Ready to open a SmartBenefits® employer account? Submit an application and an account representative will get in touch with you. Remember, Metro does not charge a fee to participate in SmartBenefits®, so there's no risk to apply.

Employees may participate only after their employer has enrolled in SmartBenefits®.

Have questions? Learn more here, email our account team or call us at 202-962-2784.