Ridership Data Portal

Information on rail, bus, and parking ridership from Metro's fare system is available from the links below as interactive online dashboards. Bus and rail data is from 2010 to present, parking data is from 2012 to present and is updated approximately monthly on a 30-day lag. Ridership Snapshots present a high-level overview of trends by month, and technical notes explain more details about the data.

Latest Ridership Snapshot (pdf) | Snapshot Archives | Other Ridership Data and Technical Notes

Rail Ridership

Paid tap entries and exits from Metrorail faregates.

Bus Ridership

Boarding data from metrobus as measured by farebox, including cash and other transactions.
Note that since March 2019, bus ridership data reported here is incomplete (see technical notes for details).

Metro Parking Usage

Other Ridership Data and Technical Notes