Other Transit Accessibility Center Services

Obtaining MetroAccess Trip History

MetroAccess customers can request a history of trips that they have taken during a specific time period. A trip history provides customers with the date, origin, destination and fare of all trips taken during the requested time period. To protect the privacy of our customer, trip history requests must be submitted in writing by the customer and will only be mailed to the customer's address. A trip history will not be sent by Metro to an agency or anyone requesting a trip history on behalf of the customer.

Customers can also generate a trip history online by accessing their account via the standard web booking site.

Please call 202-962-2700 and select option 3 with questions regarding MetroAccess trip history requests.

Resetting your MetroAccess EZ-Pay or Instant Access Password

  • Call 202-962-2700, and select option 8

Updating Addresses and Phone Numbers on your MetroAccess Account

MetroAccess customers can request contact information updates to their account by:

  • Emailing eligibility@wmata.com
  • Calling the Office of Eligibility Certification at 202-962-2700 selecting option 7
  • By writing to the Transit Accessibility Center
  • Calling MetroAccess Customer service at 202-637-1328

How do I replace a lost or stolen Metro Disability or MetroAccess ID card?

  • If a Metro Reduced Fare/SmarTrip®  or MetroAccess ID card is lost, a replacement can be obtained. A fee of $10.00 is charged for the first replacement and $25.00 for each subsequent replacement.
  • The fee may be waived upon receipt of a police report documenting theft of the Reduced Fare SmarTrip® or MetroAccess ID card or If the ID card is damaged .
  • Customers must have valid government issued photo identification when applying for a lost card.
  • Written requests via mail for replacement ID cards should include the correct fee in the form of a Cashier's Check or Money Order, personal checks and cash are not accepted. Cash, credit and debit cards are accepted if the request for the replacement ID is made in person at our office.
  • If the replacement is being requested for a damaged ID card, please include the damaged ID card with the request for replacement.