The flexible alternative to MetroAccess

Abilities-Ride is the safe, easy and flexible alternative to MetroAccess. The program offers MetroAccess customers the opportunity to have some of their trips provided by local taxicab companies, sedan and van companies, and national transportation network companies. Click here to join now.

When a customer's trip is moved to one of the Abilities-Ride providers, the customer will enjoy a fast, direct trip to their destination; not shared with other passengers, and a discounted fare; currently free.

If you choose to join the Abilities-Ride program, you will continue to call MetroAccess to make trip reservations. MetroAccess will decide whether your trip will be moved to one of the Abilities-Ride providers or remain with MetroAccess. If the trip is moved, you will receive a text message from the Abilities-Ride provider. If the trip remains on MetroAccess, you will receive the normal MetroAccess reminder call.

By joining Abilities-Ride, you will enjoy:

  • Direct Trips
  • Flexible Pick-up Times
  • Faster Travel Times
  • Discounted Fares

Key Points to Remember:

  • Joining the Abilities-Ride program does not guarantee that any of your MetroAccess reservations will be moved to an Abilities-Ride provider.
    • When booking a MetroAccess trip, you should always be prepared to be serviced by MetroAccess and pay the MetroAccess fare.
  • Customers will be required to contact the Abilities-Ride provider when ready to be picked up (Flex Option)
    • Communication will be either by a phone call or text message.
  • Abilities-Ride is a curb-to-curb service, not door-to-door like MetroAccess.
  • Abilities-Ride drivers are not required to carry customer bags or luggage.
  • Abilities-Ride drivers are not required to wait with a customer for a "hand-off" at trip destination location.
  • You are free to express your preferred Abilities-Ride provider, but there is no guarantee that all of your Abilities-Ride trips will be serviced by your preferred provider.
  • Wheelchair-accessible vehicles are available for customers who require use of a wheelchair-accessible, ramp or lift equipped vehicle.

Example of an Abilities-Ride Trip

  1. Customer books a MetroAccess trip either through on-line booking or by calling the MetroAccess Call Center.
  2. Customer is provided the MetroAccess Pick-up Time, Pick-up Window, and Fare.
  3. MetroAccess moves the trip to an Abilities-Ride provider.
  4. The Abilities-Ride provider contacts the customer with confirmation of the trip.
  5. On the day of service, the Customer contacts the provider when ready to be transported.
    1. Customer original pick-up time may have been 10:00am, but Customer is ready at 9:30am, the Customer will request pick-up by calling the provider or sending a text message.
    2. Customer original pick-up time may have been 10:00am, but due to a longer than expected meeting, negative reaction to a medical treatment, etc., Customer is not ready until 11:00am, the Customer will request pick-up at the time they are ready by calling the provider or sending a text message.
  6. Provider will dispatch a vehicle and provide Customer with an estimated arrival time.
    1. A vehicle will not be dispatched until Customer contacts the provider.

For more information about Abilities-Ride, please call 202-281-8984.

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