Looking back at historic Franconia-Springfield Station photos

Published: Friday, August 23, 2019

King St-Old Town | Eisenhower Ave | Braddock Rd | Huntington | Van Dorn St | Franconia-Springfield 

Throughout this summer’s Platform Improvement Project, we’ve posted throwback photos showcasing the original construction of Braddock Rd, Eisenhower Ave, King St-Old Town, Huntington and Van Dorn St stations. For the final post in this series, we’re showcasing the last of the six stations to the be constructed: Franconia-Springfield. 

Franconia-Springfield opened on June 29, 1997 as Metro’s 75th station, adding an additional 3.3 miles of Blue Line track from Van Dorn St Station. Today, the station that features more than 5,000 parking spaces has grown into a hub for commuters, with access to VRE’s Fredericksburg Line and various commuter buses.  

The station features a high peak roof style, with the roof staying consistently at mezzanine height. This style of construction is only otherwise seen at Southern Ave, Suitland and Branch Ave stations along the Green Line. The photos in today’s post show original construction photos from 1993 and aerial pictures from 1994.
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