Looking back at historic Huntington Station photos

Published: Friday, August 9, 2019

King St-Old Town | Eisenhower Ave | Braddock Rd | Huntington | Van Dorn St | Franconia-Springfield 

This week in our throwback series we’re featuring Huntington Station, the southern terminus for the Yellow Line. Once Huntington opened, the Metrorail system had reached 48 stations and nearly 48 miles of track. This was the first Metro station to open outside the Capital Beltway and also the first station in Fairfax County. Built into a steep hill, Huntington features a rare inclined elevator unique to this station (fun fact: Farragut North Station also had an inclined elevator when it first opened). The featured photos on this page show station construction from mid-1980, as well as aerial photos from the early 1980s.
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