Rail Operations Control Center Improvement Initiative

In May 2020, the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission (WMSC) issued a report to WMATA that identified concerns related to Metro's Rail Operations Control Center (ROCC). WMATA Board Chair Paul Smedberg and General Manager/Chief Executive Officer Paul Wiedefeld promptly responded to the WMSC report with a letter outlining the interim actions underway while an overarching improvement initiative is being deployed. These actions include a commitment to publish a monthly implementation progress assessment prepared by Metro's Quality Assurance, Internal Compliance & Oversight (QICO) group.

To continuously foster transparency, QICO's monthly summary report on ROCC's progress will be posted on this page going forward. Additionally, QICO will monitor the timeliness of actions planned or underway and verify the implementation of completed actions each month. These actions include those identified by the WMSC, and internal change recommendations.

Management Summaries