Tracking Compliance

In March 2019, the Washington Metrorail Safety Commission (WMSC) obtained federal certification and began overseeing the safety of the Metrorail system, taking over from Federal Transit Administration (FTA) oversight. During the transition, the WMSC adopted all open CAPs from the FTA which were originally issued to WMATA between 2015 and 2018 through various safety directives. Internal Reviews are performed as a preventative measure to ensure operational issues of concern are identified early, managed efficiently, and corrected on schedule. As a result, internal Corrective and Preventive Actions (iCAPAs) are developed and implemented to address the required actions.

Closed WMSC CAPs Closed iCAPAs
Years listed above indicate all Corrective Action Plans issued within that calendar year were evaluated and successfully closed by the respective oversight body.
Closed Directives

Internal Reviews

Every year, as a preventive measure, Metro conducts Internal Reviews. These reviews leads to iCAPA action plans.

Previous Internal Reviews

Rail Operations Control Center Improvement Initiative

In May 2020, the WMSC issued a report to Metro that identified concerns related to Metro's Rail Operations Control Center (ROCC). Metro established an action plan and developed monthly reports while implementing the plan.

Management Summaries