Internal Reviews | Plan. Perform. Prevent.

WMATA's Areas of Focus - Department of Internal Compliance

Metro plans and performs internal reviews as a preventative measure to ensure operational issues of concern are identified early, managed efficiently and corrected on schedule. Internal reviews comprise a key component of the Authority's quality assurance program. Each Internal Review is followed by corresponding internal Corrective and Preventive Actions (iCAPAs) that outlines the review findings, recommendations and specific actions to be addressed.

In 2019, the internal reviews conducted will be published in three releases throughout the year. Each release will include internal reviews of functions that fall under one or more of the Transit Operations Areas of Focus.

Internal Reviews - Transit Operations 2019

Date Area of
Internal Review  
  Engineering & Maintenance 1. Metrorail Vehicle Engineering
Change Management

2. Metro Storeroom Truck Inventory
05/24 Service Delivery 3. Metro Non-Revenue Vehicle
Internal Corrective and
Preventive Actions
  Safety 4. Metrorail Vehicle Program Services

5. Metro Materials Management