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We offer a starting salary of $67,818 for entry level police officer positions.

Lateral Entry

Applicants with prior law enforcement experience will be offered a starting salary that is commensurate with their years of experience to a maximum of five years. The Maximum starting salary is currently $83,657.

Lateral Salary Range (based on prior police or military police experience):

  • $70,260 - 2 years
  • $72,578 - 3 years
  • $76,298 - 4 years
  • $83,657 - 5 years

Applicants with military, corrections and higher education may also qualify for higher entry level salaries not to exceed $76,298.

For more information please contact a Recruiter at 202-962-1280 or


Members of the Metropolitan Transit Police force enjoy the following benefits:

  • Salary of $67,818 to $121,717, plus shift differential
  • Opportunity for promotion after five years of sworn service
  • Police Officer 2/3 positions
  • Clothing allowance of $700 - $1200 per year
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield (PPO) health insurance, including major medical, dental, eye care, and prescription coverage
  • Group life insurance
  • Disability retirement plan
  • Worker's compensation plan
  • Deferred compensation annuity plan
  • Paid Holidays, Accrued Sick, Annual, and Compensatory Leave
  • Paid Military Leave for Training Purposes (15 days per)
  • Permanent shifts/days off
  • Retirement after 25 years of service (no minimum age) at 64%
  • Tuition reimbursement plan
  • Uniforms and equipment are provided by the Department (academy uniforms must be purchased)
  • Free bus/rail transportation