MTPD Investigations Review Panel

Metro’s Board of Directors supports and oversees Authority-wide efforts to advance equitable policies and practices. In June 2020, the Board took its first related action by creating a new, independent review panel for the Metro Transit Police Department.

The independent advisory body, called the MTPD Investigations Review Panel, began meeting in late 2020 and consists of seven members:

  • Four civilians (one each from the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia, plus an “at large” member)
  • Three individuals with law-enforcement experience, but who are not affiliated with the Metro Transit Police Department

Each quarter, the Investigations Review Panel reviews completed MTPD investigations and submits recommendations to the MTPD Chief of Police, with a copy to the Metro Board of Directors, on changes to policy and training – all to improve the integrity of investigations and the thoroughness and fairness of the process, consistent with best practices in law enforcement.

Learn More

You can learn more about the Investigations Review Panel by reading its Charter or by watching the June 23 Special Board of Directors Meeting below: