Platform tile installation begins and other construction updates

Published: Thursday, July 11, 2019

With eight weeks left for the Blue and Yellow line station closures south of Reagan National Airport, the demolished platforms are beginning to take shape again. Nearly all concrete has been poured for the new platform edges, allowing crews to proceed with the placement of granite on the edges and advance work on the interior platform decks. Anchors and framing are also being installed for new skylights, shelters, benches and pylons. Additionally, demolition of the mezzanine tile has begun at some stations to allow for the complete replacement of tiles throughout the stations - not just on the platforms.

  • At Braddock Rd Station, where the "Braddock Hump" was eliminated last month, work continues to finish pouring the concrete platform edges. On the section of the platform that was impacted by the hump, crews will now lay granite on the edge, waterproof the platform deck and lay the topping slab. Along other sections of the platform, this station is the first to see new tile being installed. The framing for new skylights is underway and new pylon structures are going up on the platforms.
Braddock Road Station Tile Installation Work for Platform Improvement Project
  • At King St-Old Town Station, all concrete has been poured and all granite is now set along the platform edges. Three quarters of the platform deck has been waterproofed and pouring of the topping slab has begun. The frames for new skylights are nearly complete, with glass installation beginning this week.
King Street Station skylight frame installation nearly complete
  • At Eisenhower Ave Station, concrete edges have been poured on both the inbound and outbound platforms, granite is being placed and waterproofing of the platform deck is nearing completion. New roofing is being installed on the platform canopies and electrical work is advancing with more than 75 percent of the station's electrical conduit infrastructure installed. Over the next few weeks, crews will focus on laying the topping slab, continuing to place the granite edges, starting tile installation and conducting elevator renovation.
Eisenhower Avenue Station Platform Improvement Project work underway
  • At Van Dorn St Station, all granite slabs along the new platform edge have been installed. Waterproofing of the platform deck is also complete and pouring of the topping slab is 75 percent complete. The windscreen frames for the new customer shelters are being anchored and installed on the deck. Crews will complete the final quarter of the topping slab and begin laying tile.
Van Dorn Street Station crews (1) conduct topping slab installation and (2) pour topping slab using large truck
  • At Franconia-Springfield Station, the concrete edges have been poured and granite is being installed. Grinding of the old topping slab is complete, allowing for crews to move forward with waterproofing of the platform deck and laying of the topping slab. Old restrooms have been demolished and renovations are underway. Elevators have been inspected and painted with anti-corrosion coating, and painting work on the pedestrian bridge continues.
Franconia-Springfield crews grind existing topping slab
  • At Huntington Station, the concrete edges have been poured and the formwork has been completely removed to allow for granite installation. The windscreen frames for new customer shelters are also being set in place. This week, crews will begin installing the granite edges and in upcoming weeks they will start installing new skylights.
Windscreen frame-customer shelter installation at Huntington Station
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