Safety and Security

Safety and Security: The resources listed on this page provide information for traveling safely on Metro, explain emergency procedures, and detail safety features of Metro's buses and trains.  Click to subscribe to MetroAlerts.

Emergency Preparedness

Practical how-to guides instructing Metro customers and area residents in emergency preparedness.

Metrobus & Metrorail - What Every Rider Needs To Know

Safety Progress

Metro has made significant strides in upgrading and rehabilitating its system infrastructure in the past five years.

  • 50+ miles of running rail have been renewed for a smoother, safer ride
  • 68,903 crossties have been replaced for a safer ride
  • 102,996 direct-fixation fasteners have been replaced for a safer ride
  • 32,040 third rail insulators have been replaced for improved safety and reliability
  • 10,921 station/tunnel leaks have been mitigated to reduce water infiltration
  • 3,824 open rail joints have been welded for a smoother, safer ride
  • 161 switches (turnouts) have been rehabilitated for more reliability
  • 7,535 roadway (track) signs have been replaced for the safety of our employees
  • 115 escalators have been rehabilitated to reduce outages
  • 42 elevators have been rehabilitated to reduce outages and improve accessibility
  • 27 escalators have been replaced with new units to significantly improve safety and reliability

Frequently Asked Questions

Metro has identified the most common rider safety and security questions.