For immediate release: April 21, 2023

Catch your bus on time and get the information you need with new Better Bus enhancements

busETA enhancements

Whether you are onboard, at the bus stop or just leaving home, Metro is making improvements to provide faster, “Better Bus” information to customers. We are adding more signs with more information on buses and at stops and making improvements to busETA for more accurate bus predictions.

One big improvement is no small feature. We got rid of the fine print on our busETA app and made prediction times easier to see at a glance with bigger and bolder print. Icons will also show crowding information and the app and signs will show NOW when a bus is ready to arrive or depart.

sign now bus enhancements"Knowing when the next bus is coming, is only as good as the information we provide," said Leroy Jones, Senior Vice President of Bus Services. "That's why we're making sure our real-time information is easy to read and most importantly that it's accurate because we understand that every minute counts for our customers."

Real-time bus information is now faster across all applications. Thanks to a technology upgrade, bus prediction times on your phone, computer and electronic bus stop signs will be in sync. Customers are still encouraged to arrive a few minutes early, as traffic flow can change, and prediction software does not provide accuracy down to the second.

Metro continues to look at additional ways to enhance the customer experience including safety and reliability. We are exploring "courtesy stops" after it gets dark on some routes. This would allow customers to ask the bus operator to drop them off between bus stops, closer to their destination. Several transit agencies across the U.S. already have courtesy bus stop programs which are an industry best practice, including those in New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles.

"We are continuously looking for ways to create a Better Bus experience for our customers through innovation and engaging with our transit partners nationwide to find strategies that will make Metrobus better," said Jones.

At bus stops, we are evaluating ePaper signs on the interior and exterior at bus stops. The signs are just like an e-reader and show enhanced customer information such as routes that serve the stop, next buses arriving, and additional messaging such as weather or emergency information.

Interior ePaper signs include similar information and feature the ability to provide translations in another language, and text to speech for the visually impaired. These signs are energy-efficient, lightweight, and easier to read.

You will find additional improvements on board the bus too. Just like our newest railcars, all new buses now come with digital passenger information displays to share what is happening at Metro, including service changes or other information that may impact your trip. These signs will also come with USB outlets to charge up your phone, so you never have to worry about your battery dying.

These improvements come as Metro launches 50 events in 50 days, as part of our Better Bus Network Redesign. People across the region will be able to learn more and provide feedback on our draft Visionary Network. We will have in-person workshops, community pop-up events, and virtual "lunch and learns" and a virtual "Experience LAB" will allow people to compare their route today with the draft Visionary Network.

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