Board finance and capital committee approves budget that maintains service improvements to support regional recovery

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On Thursday, April 8, 2021, the Metro Board of Directors’ Finance and Capital Committee approved the operating and capital budget for Fiscal Year 2022 (beginning July 1, 2021). Thanks to additional federal aid received in the American Rescue Plan, the budget does not include any bus and rail service cuts, station closures or employee layoffs. 

The budget will allow Metro to maintain service at 80-85 percent of pre-pandemic levels to support expected ridership growth over the coming months. In addition, the budget will continue to support safety-critical repairs and service reliability improvements. The full Board of Directors is expected to approve the Committee’s recommendation on April 22. 

Metro received a record-breaking 22,400 comments during the public comment period. The public feedback received as part of the budget process will be valuable throughout the year in helping Metro’s Board of Directors and management make future pandemic recovery decisions.

Read the full press release about Metro’s budget.