Metro’s Fiscal Year 2024 Budget


In December 2022, Metro staff presented the GM/CEO's Proposed FY2024 budget and Capital Improvement Program to the Board of Directors. This included initiatives focused on:

  • Enhancing safety through support of our police force, including new crisis intervention specialists
  • More frequent & reliable service, including increased train service and a complete redesign of the bus network
  • More simplified & equitable fares, including a low-income fare program
  • Improving customer service & communications with a new integrated communications center
  • Sustainability-focused initiatives, including investments in our zero-emission bus program
  • Capital improvements for a better Metro, including major construction and maintenance projects


Metro's Board of Directors will authorize a public input process for Metro's proposed Fiscal Year 2024 (FY24) budget in January 2023. The public will have the opportunity to review budget proposals and provide feedback during the public comment period beginning mid-February thru early March 2023. Metro's Board of Directors will consider the input gathered from our customers, stakeholders and other members of the public as part of the final decision-making process.

We're looking forward to hearing your thoughts on our budget. Make sure to check back here in mid-February 2023 for full details on the proposals and to submit your comments on Metro's proposed FY24 budget.

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