Proposed Changes

Effective on or around July 1, 2024, if additional funding is not secured

Proposed service plan: Metrobus  | Metrorail  | MetroAccess | Proposed fare and parking rate changes | Proposed Capital budget

Proposed Service Plan

The FY25 proposed service plan includes service cuts and workforce reductions if additional funding is not secured.



The proposed plan would significantly reduce bus service in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Some routes would be eliminated, while others would have reduced frequency, hours of operation, and weekend service.

The proposed plan seeks to maintain as much service as possible on Metro's most productive bus routes and shorten routes where transfers are possible. For less productive routes, the proposal reduces frequency and hours of operation. The least productive routes would be eliminated.

The proposed plan would:

  • Eliminate service on 83 of 184 routes
  • Reduce service on 51 of 184 routes
  • Shorten routes with rail service

Note: Some docket materials refer to a Metrobus line. A line includes multiple bus routes that share the same stops along a corridor or segment of the route.

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Service Eliminations

The following routes would be eliminated:
DC Maryland Virginia
• 60
• 74
• 96
• A31, A32, A33
• D2
• D6
• D31, D32, D33, D34
• D51
• E2
• G2
• H6
• K2
• M4
• M6
• P6
• S35
• S41
• U4
• U7
• W1
• W2, W3
• W5
• W6, W8
• W45, W47
• X3
• X8
• 89M
• B21, B22
• B24
• B27
• C11, C13
• C12, C14
• D14
• F1
• F8
• F12
• F13
• F14
• G12
• H12
• J12
• K9
• L8
• NH2
• P18
• R12
• T2
• V14
• W14
• Z2
• Z7
• 1C
• 2B
• 3F, 3Y
• 8W
• 11Y
• 16Y
• 17B, 17M
• 17G, 17K
• 18G, 18J
• 18P
• 21C
• 22A, 22F
• 26A
• 28F
• 29G

The following routes or portions of routes would be eliminated or shortened:
H8, H9 Eliminate Route H9; retain Route H8
V7, V8 Eliminate Route V7; retain Route V8
C21, C22, C26, C29 Combine into Route C29, with weekday service between Addison Rd and Bowie State University, Saturday service between Addison Rd and Pointer Ridge; eliminate Sunday service
J1, J2 Eliminate Route J1; retain Route J2
R1, R2 Eliminate Route R1; retain Route R2
1A, 1B Eliminate Route 1B; retain Route 1A
10A Combine with Metroway into one route between Huntington and Pentagon via Braddock Rd, Potomac Yard, Crystal City, and Pentagon City
16A, 16C, 16E Combine into one route which will operate seven days a week
Metroway Combine with Route 10A into one route between Huntington and Pentagon

Service Reductions

The following routes would no longer have service after midnight:
Maryland Virginia
• A12
• C2, C4
• D12
• F4
• J1, J2
• K6
• L12
• P12
• T18
• Y2, Y7, Y8
• Z6, Z8
• 1A, 1B
• 7A
• 16A, 16C, 16E
• 28A
The following routes would have reduced Saturday service hours:


• R4

The following routes would no longer have Saturday or Sunday (weekend) service:
DC Maryland
• 42, 43
• 62, 63
• 64
• D4
• G8
• N2, N4, N6
• 83, 86
• C8
• V12
• Z6
The following lines would no longer have Sunday service:
DC Maryland
• H8 • C21, C22, C26, C29

The following routes would have reduced frequency, increasing the time between buses:
80 Decrease frequency to every 20 minutes or better all day
D8 Decrease frequency to 30 minutes
S2 Decrease frequency to every 30 minutes
A12 Decrease frequency to every 30 minutes
C21, C22, C26, C29 Decrease frequency to every 60 minutes on weekdays
D12 Decrease frequency to 30 minutes
L12 Decrease frequency to every 30 minutes, off-peak and weekend
P12 Decrease frequency to 20 minutes on weekends
Z6, Z8 Decrease combined frequency to every 30 minutes on weekends
28A Decrease frequency to every 15 minutes on Saturday and every 20 minutes on Sunday
29K, 29N Decrease frequency to 60 minutes on each route

Route/Service Pattern Changes

The following routes would be shortened where rail or bus transfers are possible:
31, 33 Operate 33 between Friendship Heights and Potomac Park (Foggy Bottom)
32, 36 Operate between Southern Ave (32) and Naylor Rd (36) and L'Enfant Plaza
42, 43 Operate between Mt. Pleasant and Farragut Square
52, 54 Operate between Takoma and Metro Center
62, 63 Operate between Takoma and Georgia Ave-Petworth
64 Operate between Fort Totten and Georgia Ave-Petworth
80 Operate between Fort Totten and Union Station
A4 Operate between Fort Drum and Congress Heights
G8 Operate between Avondale and Shaw-Howard U
L2 Operate between Chevy Chase Circle and Duke Ellington Bridge
V4 Operate between Capitol Heights and Potomac Ave
X9 Operate between Gallery Pl-Chinatown and Minnesota Ave
A12 Eliminate Sunday-only service extension between Addison Rd and Capitol Heights
T14 Operate between New Carrollton and Mt. Rainier



  • Close 10 lower ridership stations (specific stations to be determined)
  • Adjust where some Red Line and Silver Line trains begin/end (turnbacks)
    • Every other Red Line train would operate between Grosvenor-Strathmore and Shady Grove and also between Silver Spring and Glenmont.
    • Silver Line trains would operate between Ashburn and Stadium-Armory
  • Decrease service on all lines
    • Weekday trains every 15 minutes
    • Weekend trains every 20 minutes
  • Note: Red Line trains would operate every 15 minutes (20 minutes on weekends) between Shady Grove & Glenmont and Grosvenor-Strathmore & Silver Spring, resulting in trains every 7.5 minutes (10 minutes on weekends) between Grosvenor-Strathmore & Silver Spring.
  • Reduce or expand operating hours
    • Reduce hours: Close at 10 p.m., seven days a week
    • Expand weekend hours: Close at 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday, open at 6 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday
  • Current operating hours: Monday-Thursday 5 a.m.-midnight, Friday 5 a.m.-1 a.m., Saturday 7 a.m.-1 a.m., Sunday 7 a.m.-midnight

View map of the proposed Metrorail changes. PDF icon



Proposed MetroAccess changes include reducing the service area and adjusting the hours of operation.

  • Reduced service area: The proposed MetroAccess service area would be smaller because of reductions to the fixed bus route network. Federal law requires paratransit service be provided to areas within ¾ of a mile of fixed route bus service and rail stations. Approximately 20% of MetroAccess trips would be affected by the proposed changes because they are either beyond the current legally required service area or would fall outside the service area if the proposed bus and rail service cuts happen.
  • Reduced or expanded hours of operation: MetroAccess service hours would be adjusted to match the proposed rail and bus service hours.

View map of the proposed MetroAccess service area. PDF icon

Proposed Fare and Parking Rate Changes

Proposed Fare and Parking Rate Changes

The proposed budget includes a 25% fare increase and a 20% parking rate increase.

Current Proposed
Rail - weekdays $2-$6 $2.50-$7.50
Rail - late night & weekends $2 $2.50
Bus $2 $2.50
Express Bus $4.25 $5.30
MetroAccess $4 $5
Parking $3-$5.20 $3.40-$5.95

See the complete list of proposed fare increases for various pass products.

Proposed bike locker rate changes: We're proposing adding an hourly rental feature to bike lockers, with a proposed rate of $.05 per hour, up to $1.00 per day.

Proposed Capital Budget

Proposed Capital Budget

Metro is committed to improving the safety, reliability, and affordability of its system by substantially improving its assets-from rail stations, tracks and traction power infrastructure to the vehicles, maintenance facilities and cooling systems-and providing a better transit experience for hundreds of thousands of customers each day.

The proposed FY2025 capital budget of $2.6 billion and six-year Capital Improvement Program of $13.3 billion (both including revenue loss and debt service) include investment in ongoing projects, prioritized system preservation and renewal needs and investments to provide safe and efficient service delivery informed by asset management and reliability plans.

Read more about Metro's proposed Capital budget.