Southern Ave

Mezzanine to platform stairwell walls.

Coloratura, 2002
Mary Ann Mears
Painted aluminum, stainless steel
22' x 30' x 20'

Southern Ave
Coloratura - 2002
Coloratura consists of suspended and high-relief wall sculptures. The piece was impeccably crafted by Maryland boat builders, Chesapeake Rigging, using painted metal and stainless steel. Maryland artist, Mary Ann Mears, uses her trademark brilliant colors, rhythmic patterns and bold forms to create a work of art that is animated, colorful and inspiring.

The primary focus of Mary Ann Mears's work from the beginning of her career has been creating sculpture for specific sites. The impetus for her work has emerged from an intense conviction about the powerful role of art in a variety of social/cultural settings, public and private. She enjoys the challenge of responding to the physical and spatial qualities of new sites, whether architectural -- interior or exterior -- or natural.