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2023 Earth Day Bus Wraps

2023 Earth Day_Group Photo
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In honor of Earth Day, K-6 students from Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland were invited to submit 2-D artworks celebrating the role played by public transportation in creating a more sustainable environment. A total of 240 submissions were received from young artists throughout the region. Of the numerous submissions, 15 drawings, paintings and digital artworks were selected, capturing their interpretation on the role public transportation plays in protecting our environment, combatting climate change, supporting sustainable and livable communities.

On Tuesday, April 25, Metro's Art in Transit program revealed three Earth Day designed buses that are wrapped in original artwork created by local budding artists in kindergarten to sixth grade. The unveiling took place at Metro Headquarters, 300 7th Street SW, Washington, D.C., and each bus were placed in service showcasing the artists' artwork. Customers can use Metro's special tracker to locate each bus https://gis.wmata.com/live/. A globe will identify each Earth Day Metrobus throughout the system.

The 2023 Earth Day Metrobuses feature artworks by the following young artists from Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Go Green by Carina Araujo, 5th grade
Help Metro Keep the Earth Green Clean by Kyndal Edmonds, 6th grade
Eco Friendly Metro by Cora Miller, 4th grade
The Recycle Bus by Cai Murray, 4th grade
The Nature Buses by Victoria Pacinelli, 3rd grade

Happy Together by Ally Hou, 6th grade
Taking the bus makes nature happy by Aria Leewoo Kwon, 1st grade
Happy Day on Earth by Alan Sarang, 2nd grade
Hello Metro! Hi Friends by Eve Sohn, 4th grade
Ride and Shine by Sienna Weigand, Kindergarten

Washington, D.C.:
I Will Take Care of My Planet by Yisak Estifanos, Kindergarten
Up To The Future by Juna Gaff, 2nd grade
Transport More - Pollute Less by Murray Gorod-Hauser, 4th grade
Green Transport in Happy Cities by Annika Pinol, 5th grade
Happy Metrobus by Luca Thomas, 1st grade