Columbia Heights

East & West entrance, canopy over escalators.

Sankofa I and II, 2002
Akili Ron Anderson
Stained glass
51" l x 33" h x ¼" t (x 23 panels)

Columbia Heights
Sankofa I and II - 2002 Sankofa is composed of 23 stained glass panels depicting Sankofa birds set in a background of Kente cloth-inspired designs. In the Akan culture of Ghana, the Sankofa bird, with its head turned over its shoulder, signifies looking to the past for guidance for the future. The artist, working with the community, used the image of Sankofa birds and Kente cloth to inspire residents to look back on their past to build the future of Columbia Heights.

This project was made possible in part by the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities.