Bladensburg Bus Garage, Washington, D.C.

Site fence along Bladensburg Road NE, between 26th Street NE and 25th Place NE.

As part of the Bladensburg Bus Garage Reconstruction Project, Metro's Art in Transit program is working to mitigate the impact of construction at the site on the surrounding community by creating and installing temporary art banners on the site fence along Bladensburg road.

Mesh banners
8' H x 16' W/banner

Bladensburg Bus Garage
Bladensburg Bus Garage

The banners' graphics were developed by the Art in Transit program in collaboration with the community. They highlight activities and landmarks such as the Mills Foundry where the Capitol's statue of Freedom was cast, the Fleishmann's Yeast factory, or the B&O Railroad and the Battle of Bladensburg, all of which have forged the history of the site and the neighborhood for the past few hundred years.

The banners, which were printed on durable, UV and water-resistant mesh PVC, are designed to withstand outdoor weather condition. They also provide a colorful screen to the site during construction that can be enjoyed by people travelling along Bladensburg Road.