Using WMATA Property

WMATA has established Use Regulations that define what commercial and non-commercial activities can be conducted on Metro property. The purpose of these Use Regulations is to ensure that Metro property is used safely, that all Metro property shall be preserved for the transit use to which it was lawfully dedicated, and that the use and activities do not interfere with transit operations.

The Office of Real Estate & Parking (LAND) is responsible for issuing Real Estate Permits to commercial, not-for-profit, community and other groups, and persons seeking permanent or temporary access to or use of WMATA property and facilities. This process may involve the Office of Joint Development and Adjacent Construction (JDAC), which will review the proposed activities to ensure that:

  • Metro facilities and operations are not damaged or affected by the proposed project
  • Metro operations (including Metrobus) are not affected during and after the project construction
  • Metro station capacity is not affected by the ridership generated by the project

Once you have clicked on and read the Real Estate Permit Application if you have questions about the Real Estate Permit process, email A sample Real Estate Permit and sample Insurance Provisions matrix with descriptions about the minimum insurance coverage and coverage provisions is provided for your information. The final insurance requirements and risk limits are determined and forwarded to Permittee after JDAC has reviewed and approved the project plans.

Filming on WMATA property

To access WMATA's property for filming by anyone other than the news media, you must receive approval from the Office of Real Estate & Parking (LAND). For more information about WMATA's filming policies, including required fees and permits, please visit the WMATA Media Relations webpage on Filming Regulations for Non-News Media Requests.

To discuss your particular needs, please contact Cynthia Jachles in Metro's Office of Real Estate & Parking at 202-962-1586 or