Message to Customers

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It’s a frequently asked question: “Is Metro even listening?” 

The answer is an unequivocal, “Yes.”

We want our riders to know that we feel your frustration and that we are fully focused on the hard issues facing our system. 

We know that before we can credibly attempt to regain your trust, we need to make trains run on time. And that is the mission of Back2Good.

In 2017, Back2Good system improvement projects will focus on safety and reliability issues of most concern to our riders.  These include a new preventive maintenance plan to avoid unnecessary delays due to track problems, and a Railcar Get Well Plan to keep our trains operating safely, and on time.

The bottom line on Back2Good? Service delays caused by track problems will be cut in half, and railcar-related delays will be cut by 25% by the end of next year. That’s a start.

We’ll know we’re good again when customers say so. The Back2Good program will measure Metro’s performance by building on the MyTripTime program, and by focusing on riders’ safety and security, service reliability, and customer service. 

Our riders will let us know when Metro is getting back to good.

Ultimately, our goal is to return Metro to the world-class transit system it once was. Working together, we can identify and address problems quickly and move the system forward, past good, and on to great.

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