Bus Stop Closure: Georgia Ave Randolph/Layhill Rd, Sept 15

Advisory Effective: 9/15/17 - 10/25/17

The following stops that are served by routes C8, Y2, Y7 and Y8 will be permanently closed.

  • Georgia Ave & Layhill Rd (stop #2000694) - C8 westbound/eastbound, Y2/ Y7/ Y8 northbound
  • Georgia Ave & Randolph Rd (stop #2000664) - Y2/ Y7/ Y8 northbound
The two stops have been replaced by one stop (north of Randolph Rd). Customers can now board/exit buses at the new stop, however the stop will not be identifiable in BusETA until December 2017 when it will receive stop ID # 2005510. In the interim, customers may use adjacent stops Glenmont Station & Bus Bay H (stop #2001046) or Georgia Ave & Georgian Woods Pl (stop #2000635) for bus tracking purposes.