Bus Stop Changes: District Wharf Area Bus Stop Changes, Oct 12

Advisory Effective: 10/12/17 - 11/1/17

With the opening of the District Wharf, Metrobus will add, relocate and close bus stops that are served by routes 74 & V1.

New/Relocated Stops:

74 Convention Ctr-SW Waterfront southbound toward National Park

The following stops will be added:

  • Maine Ave at 7th St SW (stop # 1003908)
  • M St & 6th St (stop #1000496)

74 Convention Ctr-SW Waterfront northbound toward Convention Center

The following stop will be relocated:

  • 7th St SW at G St (stop #1000583) will be relocated to 7th St SW at I St (new stop # 1003903)

NOTE:  New stop numbers will not be added to BusETA until December 17.

Permanently closed stops:

  • Westbound stop on I St SW at 7th St (1000555)
  • Southbound stops on 6th St SW between I St & M St (1000535 & 1000522)