SafeTrack Surge #13: Blue/Yellow Lines | Braddock Rd to Huntington/Van Dorn St

Final Progress Report as of 4/24/17


Braddock Rd to Huntington and Van Dorn St continuous single tracking March 4 - April 12


Renewal of rail and power infrastructure on this portion of the Yellow and Blue lines, including crossties, grout pads, fasteners and

Critical tasks completed during the surge include:

  • Replaced more than 5,600 crossties
  • Replaced more than 12,000 linear feet of grout pads
  • Replaced more than 4,600 fasteners
  • Replaced more than 5,000 linear feet of cover boards
  • Replaced 1,799 insulators
  • Repaired and replaced over 30 tunnel lighting
  • Upgraded 12 IDW boxes, an important safety feature along fence lines

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grout pad replacement