Riggs Road Service Evaluation Study

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Metro wants to improve and simplify service on the Riggs Road Line (routes R1, R2) including options for the Langley Park-Cheverly Line (Route F8) and request your feedback on a few proposals. Your feedback is important and will be reviewed by the project team as part of the decision making process for final proposals.

Thank you for your participation!

The project team will use the feedback from riders, stakeholders, bus operators, and data from the transit service assessment (which was conducted on the Line in the fall of 2018), to finalize any service change recommendations. Public feedback will be conducted on any final recommendations before going to Metro’s Board of Directors for approval.

Check back here for final service recommendations.

Below are the original proposals.

Proposal #1: Extend Route R2 beyond Calverton

Metro is interested in evaluating connections from this corridor to Greenbelt Metrorail Station, Muirkirk MARC Rail Station, and other destinations.

Proposal #2: New Riggs Road Line Route R2

To improve reliability and simplify service, Metro is considering creating a more direct route by consolidating routes R1 and R2 to make a new Riggs Road Line Route R2.
To create a more direct route along Riggs Road, this proposal would eliminate Route R1 altogether including service in the Adelphi loop along Metzerott Road, New Hampshire Avenue, and Adelphi Road and remove the segment of Route R2 service 23rd Avenue in Lewisdale.

Proposal #2-A: Reroute Route F8

Metrobus Route F8 could be rerouted to provide Metrobus service along 23rd Avenue and along parts of East-West Highway and University Boulevard where Route R2 service would be removed.
TheBus Route 18 would continue to serve 23rd Avenue.
Route F6 would continue to serve Adelphi Road.
Route F8 provides service to Takoma Langley Crossroads Transit Center and serves these Metrorail stations: Cheverly, West Hyattsville and Prince George's Plaza.

Proposal #3: Bus Stop Consolidation that may impact riders on routes C4, C8, F8, R1, R2 and Z6.

Metro is considering removing certain bus stops that are not used frequently or are close to other bus stops to allow buses to travel more quickly along the route. The list below are the bus stops under consideration to be removed. Once you have viewed the map relating to your stop(s) listed below, please complete the survey to provide comments.

Click on the bus stop to see the map of the proposed bus stop to be removed with the next closest bus stop.

Metrobus Service Evaluation Study Background Information

As part of the budget process, Metro undertakes a systematic review of bus routes throughout the region. Each year, a number of bus routes in each of the jurisdictions are examined to improve service, efficiency, and delivery. Overall performance is evaluated with the aim of improving service reliability, frequency, crowding, travel time, bus stop amenities, and customer communications.