Learn more about Mount Pleasant (42, 43) and Connecticut Avenue (L1, L2) Service Evaluation Study

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Rider and Stakeholder Input: Metro conducts outreach and obtains feedback to determine how riders utilize the service and reviews requested improvements.

Metrobus is committed to maintaining high-quality transit service and access to regional activity centers and in an effort to improve quality and reliability, Metro is evaluating bus service along the Mount Pleasant and Connecticut Avenue lines (routes 42, 43, L1 and L2).

The service evaluation study is being conducted to identify improvements needed to meet current and future transit needs of Metrobus riders in the area. The analysis will review capacity, productivity, reliability, bus stops and quality of service. Your feedback will help create recommendations to improve service.

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Metrobus Service Evaluation Study Background Information
As part of the budget process, Metro undertakes a systematic review of bus routes throughout the region. Each year, a number of bus routes in each of the jurisdictions are examined to improve service, efficiency, and delivery. Overall performance is evaluated with the aim of improving service reliability, frequency, crowding, travel time, bus stop amenities, and customer communications.