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Metrobus Moderate Snow Service Plan for DC Public Schools

When Metrobus is operating on a moderate snow plan and DC Public Schools are scheduled to open,  limited service on select routes will operate to support student travel to/from  schools.

The selected  school bus routes are listed below along with their departure times and customers will need to refer to the route timetables to know when the bus will arrive at their stop.

These routes and times are subject to change  as a result of quarterly bus service changes.
During inclement weather, we encourage customers to be mindful of road conditions and allow additional travel time.

  • 74 Convention Center-Southwest Waterfront
    Southbound toward Nationals Park departs at: 7:24a, 8:00a, 4:00p
    Northbound toward Convention Center departs at: 7:21a, 7:33a, 3:29p
  • 94 Stanton Road
    Southbound toward Stanton Road departs at: 7:51a, 8:05a, 3:42p
    Northbound departs at: 7:52a, 8:06a, 3:17p
  • A2 Anacostia-Congress Heights
    Southbound toward Southern Avenue 7:16, 7:31, 7:46, 3:29p
    Northbound toward Anacostia departs at: 7:18, 7:28, 7:48, 3:43p, 3:57p
  • A7 Anacostia-Congress Heights
    Southbound toward Livingston departs at: 8:10a, 3:44p
    Northbound toward Anacostia departs at 7:36a, 7:48a, 7:59a
  • D8 Hospital Center
    Southbound toward Union Station departs at: 7:15a, 7:30a, 3:05p, 3:25p
    Northbound toward Washington Hospital Center departs at: 7:28a, 7:40a, 3:15p, 3:30p
  • G8 Rhode Island Avenue
    Westbound toward Farragut North and West departs at: 7:07a, 7:19a,  3:30p, 4:05p
    Eastbound toward Avondale departs at: 7:14a, 7:29a, 3:20p, 3:35p
  • H6 Brookland-Fort Lincoln
    Westbound toward Brookland-CUA departs at: 7:14a, 7:29a, 7:43a
    Eastbound towards Fort Lincoln departs at: 3:32p, 3:47p, 4:02p
  • H8 Park Road-Brookland
    Westbound toward Mount Pleasant departs at: 7:10a, 7:20a, 7:32a, 3:00p, 3:13p, 3:23p
    Eastbound toward Rhode Island Avenue departs at: 7:22a, 7:34a, 7:47a, 3:06p, 3:22p, 3:36p
  • K2 Takoma-Fort Totten
    Southbound toward Fort Totten departs at: 8:02a, 3:59p
    Northbound toward Takoma departs at: 8:02a, 3:59p
  • M4 Nebraska Avenue
    Southbound toward Sibley Hospital departs at: 7:48a, 8:04a
    Northbound toward Pinehurst Circle NW departs at: 3:40p
  • U5 Mayfair-Marshall Heights
    Minnesota Avenue loop departs at: 7:05a, 3:17p, 3:49p
  • U6 Mayfair-Marshall Heights
    Minnesota Avenue loop departs at: 6:48a, 7:20a
  • W6 Garfield-Anacostia Loop
    Clockwise: 7:12a, 7:24a, 3:16p, 3:32p
  • W8 Garfield-Anacostia Loop
    Counterclockwise: 7:20a, 7:32a, 3:24p, 3:40p
  • X3 Benning Road
    Westbound toward Tenleytown-AU departs at: 7:15a, 7:38a

All other trips for these routes listed will not operate, as Metrobus is on a Moderate Snow Plan.