2025 Initiatives

Energy Action Plan PDF Icon: Metro is implementing its first ever Energy Action Plan to reduce the Authority's energy use, contain operating costs, and help the region move forward sustainability. This Plan is central to transforming the way Metro does business to rebuild for the future.

Eight Car Trains PDF Icon: Today, most Metrorail trains have only six cars. This project would enable Metro to run all eight-car trains, which are the longest possible in our stations, and add 35% additional capacity to the rail network. It would also expand the rail fleet and yards, and improve the power and signal infrastructure to handle the load.

Core Station Improvements PDF Icon: If we lengthen the trains, we need to expand key stations as well by enlarging platforms, and adding escalators, elevators, stairs, and pedestrian passageways to 15 stations in the core.

Bus Priority Corridors PDF Icon: The Priority Corridor Network would construct bus-only lanes, give buses priority at traffic lights, and bring service similar to MetroExtra to 24 lines throughout the region. The PCN will take tens of thousands of cars off the road, add 100,000 riders, moving buses 50% faster, and cut fuel costs.

New Blue Line Connections PDF Icon: Metro faces a bottleneck at Rosslyn station, where three lines (Orange, Silver, Blue) converge. This major project would try to fix this bottleneck, and restore six-minute Blue Line frequencies between Pentagon and Rosslyn stations.

Next Generation Communications PDF Icon: This program would expand our current communications infrastructure to provide an integrated one-stop communication hub for the regions' transit customers. Improvements would include: radio system upgrades, real-time bus information at bus stops, and new public address system at stations.

Bus Fleet Expansion PDF Icon: This project would expand Metro's bus fleet by around 400 buses, allowing Metro to increase frequencies.

Pocket Tracks and Crossovers PDF Icon: This project would add special trackwork at key locations in the rail network to give us more flexibility in operations by turning trains around, adding system flexibility, and storing trains at important locations.

What do Riders and the Region Get for this Investment PDF Icon? The seven projects in Metro 2025 will reduce road congestion, reduce crowding on the system and make the system safer, save money for our customers and drivers throughout the region, add riders to the Metro system, and make Metro rides more flexible and efficient.