Proposed Parking Changes at Deanwood Station

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Metro is proposing changes to Deanwood Station’s transit facilities to support future mixed-use development, which could include housing and neighborhood amenities such as retail and/or a public library. The proposed changes include removal of the 194-space Park & Ride facility.

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Proposed Parking Changes

Metro is proposing to eliminate the 194-space Park & Ride facility at Deanwood Station.

All other transit facilities, including the bus loop and Kiss & Ride, would remain the same.

Metro parking would remain available at nearby stations, including Cheverly and Minnesota Ave both within a 10-minute driving radius.

This facility change would enable Metro and a future joint development partner the opportunity to provide up to approximately 395,000 square-feet of mixed-use development, which could include housing and potentially retail. The District of Columbia Public Library (DCPL) also proposes to include a new library facility in the mixed-use development.


The transformation of Deanwood's Park & Ride facility serves to advance our joint development program and Strategic Transformation Plan goals, including increasing ridership, generating fares and tax revenue to support Metro and local jurisdictions, while fostering sustainable, local, and regional growth.

Additionally, the potential addition of amenities like housing and retail would provide economic benefits to the Deanwood community.

Metro previously approved eliminating Deanwood's Park & Ride facility in 2018. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and related real estate and development conditions, Metro did not move forward with closing the Park & Ride. Given the length of time that has occurred, we are repeating the public hearing process to ensure that current community members can provide feedback on the proposed changes.

Read more about our analysis of the impact of transforming the Deanwood Park & Ride facility in our Environmental Evaluation impact analysis, provided above.

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All public comments will be provided to Metro's Board of Directors for final review and inclusion into Metro's Mass Transit Plan.

When a joint developer is selected, the public can comment during the development review process. D.C. government is responsible for evaluating the mixed-use development's scope and impact on public facilities, including the evaluation of the development's green space, traffic impacts, stormwater design, housing affordability, and non-Metro parking.

Metro's Compact public hearing process only addresses changes to the Park & Ride facility and does not speak to the eventual construction of the development.

Read more about Metro's joint development program, here.

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