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The Better Bus video library features behind-the-scenes footage, feedback from the community, visual storytelling, and more. Check out some of our favorites!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a fast, frequent, reliable bus network that's easy to use? Watch this video to learn the ABCs of a bus network redesign and watch us unravel the mystery of creating a better bus for the DMV.

Because equity is an important goal of the Better Bus Network Redesign, our technical findings are key as we look to improve bus service, especially for those who need it most.

Visitors to our Better Bus Experience LIVE! workshops in spring 2023 loved meeting our visual notetakers-artists who transformed their words into an impactful community mural.

Hear from community leaders across the region about how the network redesign will impact their neighborhoods and the people who live there.

At 19 pop -up events across the DMV held during spring of 2023, we asked people to sum up today's bus service in one word and their hopes for future service in another. Check out what your neighbors had to say.

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Behind the Scenes Videos

Our Behind the Scenes videos give you a special look at how we're developing the bus network our region deserves. Check out all of them below.

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Community Murals

At our workshops in spring 2023, visual notetakers transformed the comments from attendees into an impactful community mural. Download your very own community mural desktop wallpaper using the links below.

5 Communities, 5 Murals