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Metro is committed to data transparency. On this page you'll find links to our interactive dashboards, performance reporting, downloadable data, and guidance on how to get the most out of Metro's data resources.

Dashboards | Reports

For developer resources such as APIs, please visit our page here.


See below to access one of Metro's interactive dashboards and explore data relevant to you. We'll be adding additional dashboards to this section soon.

MetroPulse Dashboard

Metro Meter Dashboard

MetroPulse provides access to real-time data on headway and schedule adherence, the number of trains in service, and more.

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Service Excellence Dashboard

service excellence dashboard

Metro's Service Excellence Dashboard allows you to explore Rail, Bus, and MetroAccess data from the past year in detail. It includes key performance indicators like on-time performance, missed trips, and prediction accuracy.

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Ridership Dashboards

ridership dashboard

Using data from Metro’s fare system, our suite of interactive dashboards provides information on rail ridership, bus ridership, and parking usage. We also provide PDF summaries monthly at this page that explain trends in ridership.

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The links below will take you Metro's latest performance reports, featuring summaries and analysis to help you understand recent trends in Metro's operational performance. We'll be adding additional categories and reports soon.

Service Excellence Report

Service Excellence Report Thumbnail

Frequency: Quarterly

The Service Excellence Report provides data results and analysis on our fiscal year-to-date performance for a suite of measures related to service, safety, and security. It serves as the foundation for a quarterly presentation on Metro's performance to the Board of Directors.

Latest report and archive

Metrobus Annual Line Performance Report

Metrobus annual line performance report

Frequency: Annual

The Annual Line Performance Reports evaluates each Metrobus line's performance against our Bus Service Guidelines, scoring each line on level of service, accessibility, performance, and value to the larger network. Metro uses this information to improve service as part of its annual budget process.

Latest report and archive

Metro Transit Police Department Reports

Metro Transit Police Department Reports

Frequency: Annual, monthly, and daily

Our Police Department’s Crime Statistics page includes five-year and monthly crime reports to help you compare Part 1 and Part 2 Crime counts across time. You can also find daily police blotter reports at this page.

Latest reports