Metro Performance Report -- Q3 FY 2022
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PERFORMANCE SCORECARD | Fiscal Year 2022 Performance to Date (Q3)
See the quarterly Metro Performance Report linked above for the full list of Metro's performance measures.
Ridership Overall Ridership: 99.7 million riders    
Safety Part I Crime Rate: 5.9 crimes per million riders Red Signal Overruns: 4 red signal overrun events NTD Bus Collisions: 3.5 collisions per million miles.
Reliability MyTripTime (Rail On-Time Performance): 78% of customers arrived on time Metrobus On-Time Performance: 77% of buses departed on time MetroAccess On-Time Pick-up Performance: 94% of vehicles arrived on time
Legend: Green: Target Met. Yellow: Near Target. Red: Target Missed: Gray: No Target

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