For immediate release: December 7, 2021

Metro to reopen Shady Grove and Rockville stations on January 16

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Metro today announced that Shady Grove and Rockville stations will reopen on January 16, 2022, after a four-month shutdown for the Rockville Canopy Replacement Project. During the closures, Metro demolished the canopy at Rockville Station, erected a new steel canopy structure, and completed customer improvements– including installation of new information screens, brighter lighting, and modern faregates. 

In addition, Metro teams are using the shutdown to perform track repairs that will improve service reliability and install more than 7.3 miles of fiber optic cable to enhance radio communications. Without the station closures, these upgrades alone would have required nine months of weekend shutdowns and overnight work.

The final stage of the canopy project – installing glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) panels on the canopy’s steel structure – will not be complete when the stations reopen. In January, the canopy will provide cover for customers but will remain temporarily unfinished until Metro determines the best type of exterior cladding needed to complete the project.

“Shady Grove and Rockville stations will be ready to welcome back Red Line customers for rail service on January 16,” said Metro General Manager/CEO Paul J. Wiedefeld. “Our project team continues working to ensure the completed canopy meets Metro’s quality standard and provides customers with a safe and comfortable place to wait for the train.” 

The interim canopy at Rockville Station will include brighter LED lighting, new Passenger Information Displays (PIDS), higher quality PSA speakers, and new CCTV cameras. Metro and its contractor are working quickly to develop a permanent solution for the canopy and will communicate additional details when available.

 At Rockville Station, the Park & Ride is fully repaved to provide customers with safer and more accessible parking, new faregates are installed in the mezzanine, and the Rockville Pedestrian Bridge rehabilitation is complete. At Shady Grove Station, the platform canopy, roof, and escalators are being repaired and modernized faregates are being installed.  

 The closure also allowed Metro to perform safety-critical work on the tracks between Shady Grove and Rockville including repairs to the signal system, track maintenance, third-rail power cable inspections and repairs, and switch machine replacement.

“Metro’s capital program is focused on maintaining and improving the system for decades to come, including our rail stations and facilities,” said Wiedefeld. “We appreciate the community’s patience as we ensure our long-term plans for Rockville Station meet quality and safety standards.”

About the Rockville Canopy Replacement Project

Metro’s Rockville Canopy Replacement Project will replace the aging canopy structure over the platform at Rockville Station and make additional customer improvements. Free shuttle bus service will remain available until the stations reopen on January 16, 2022. More information is available at