SafeTrack Surge #15 Orange Line: New Carrollton to Stadium-Armory

Progress Report 6/7/17

Final Progress Report 6/26/17


Stadium‐Armory to New Carrollton; Line  Segment Shutdown from May 16 - June 15.


Renewal of rail and power infrastructure on this portion of the Orang Line, including crossties, track circuit equipment, and power cables.

The critical tasks completed during the surge include:

  • Replaced more than 15,700 crossties
  • Replaced more than 8,800 linear feet of grout pads
  • Replaced more than 1,200 linear feet of cover boards
  • Replaced more than 3,000 fasteners
  • Replaced 2,403 insulators
  • Replaced more than 2,500 linear feet of rail
  • Repaired more than 75 power cables and more than 70 pigtails

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D and G junction