Proposed Metrobus Service Changes DC

Metro is proposing service changes to select bus routes in Washington DC based on input from customers and local governments, and an analysis of on-time performance, ridership, corridor studies and cost efficiency. 

Full details of proposed changes, alternate service, reasons for change and performance measures. PDF Icon

52 14th St (Wharf proposal)

Extend Route 52 to the Wharf via 12th Street and Maine Avenue SW to L'Enfant Plaza Metrorail station.

52, 53, 54 14th St and 59 14th St Limited MetroExtra

Add new Route 59 limited-stop service along 14th Street NW, replacing some Route 52, 53 and 54 local trips with limited-stop trips on weekday rush hours.

62, 63 Takoma-Petworth

Modify Route 63 to serve 11th Street south of Vermont Avenue NW, with service along 13th Street south of Logan Circle shifted to 11th Street NW. Every other Route 62 trip (off-peak) would be converted to Route 63 to provide off-peak trips between Takoma and Federal Triangle.

64 Fort Totten-Petworth

Modify Route 64 to serve Vermont Avenue and Florida Avenue NW, directly serving the U St-Cardozo Metrorail Station. Service along 11th Street NW between Vermont Avenue and Florida Avenue would be eliminated, with service shifted to Vermont Avenue NW. Every other trip would be shortened on weekdays off-peak, Saturdays, and Sundays to operate between the Fort Totten and Georgia Ave-Petworth Metrorail stations only, better aligning service levels with customer demand.

74 Convention Center-Southwest Waterfront

Extend service to 1st and V Streets SW to serve the new DC soccer stadium and increase ridership. Service along Delaware Avenue SW would be eliminated, with service available at nearby stops along 4th and P streets SW.

74 Convention Center-Southwest Waterfront (Wharf Proposal)

Extend service to 7th Street and Maine Avenue SW to serve the new Wharf development and increase ridership, with service along 6th and I Streets SW discontinued.

94 Stanton Rd

Eliminate Route 94 and replace with a new DC Circulator route.
Travel alternatives: Metrobus W1, W2, W3, W6, W8

96 East Capitol St-Cardozo

Shorten Route 96 to end at Cathedral Commons in McLean Gardens to improve service reliability. Travel alternatives: Metrobus 30N, 30S, 31, 33, and H4

H1 Brookland-Potomac Park

Convert Route H1 service into weekday all-day or rush hour two-way service.

U5, U6 Mayfair-Marshall Heights

Shorten routes to operate between Marshall Heights/Lincoln Heights and the Minnesota Avenue Metrorail Station, and eliminate service to Mayfair (Hayes Street and Jay Street NE).
Travel alternative (Mayfair): Metrobus U7

U7 Deanwood-Minnesota Ave

Extend service to Mayfair to replace routes U5 and U6, and extend service to the Minnesota Avenue and Ridge Road SE commercial center.

U8 Benning Heights

During weekday rush hour, extend every other trip to Congress Heights Metrorail station via Alabama Avenue SE to reduce crowding on Route W4 and provide connections to Benning Road and Minnesota Avenue Metrorail stations from Alabama Avenue SE.

V5 Fairfax Village-L'Enfant Plaza

Eliminate Route V5.
Travel alternatives: Metrobus 39, 92, M6, W4

X2 Benning Rd-H St and X9 Benning Rd-H St Limited MetroExtra

Add new Route X9 weekday midday service in response to ridership demand and to improve connections between downtown and Northeast with additional limited-stop MetroExtra service along the Dix Street, Burroughs Avenue, Benning Road, and H Street NE corridors. Reduce weekday midday local Route X2 trips in response to new midday X9 MetroExtra trips.

Capitol Heights-Addison Rd Metrorail SmarTrip® Transfer

Permanently implement the pilot for bus customers transferring between Addison Road and Capitol Heights Metrorail stations to be able to ride Blue and Silver line trains free of charge using their SmarTrip® card.