Sustainability at Metro - More Metro. Less CO2.

A sustainable transit system is designed, constructed, and operated in a way that fosters environmental stewardship, economic prosperity, and social wellbeing across the region. Sustainability is at the core of both the service Metro provides and how Metro provides it. Each of the following themes is a chapter of our sustainability story; click one to learn more.


  • Zero-Emission Bus Program

    Metro is transitioning to a 100% zero-emission bus fleet to improve regional air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide customers with a quieter, comfier ride.

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    4 Mile Run Garage
  • Solar at Metro

    Metro signed a deal to host solar panels at its stations – enough to power over 1250 single-family homes. This is the largest community solar project in the National Capital Area and one of the largest in the nation.

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  • Equity in Transit

    The communities we serve are stronger and healthier when everyone has access to reliable, affordable, and sustainable transportation. Metro has renewed its focus on advancing transit and social equity across our business.

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  • 2019 Annual Sustainability Report

    This report highlights the accomplishments of Metro's sustainability program in the calendar year 2019.

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    2019 Sustainability
  • 2025 Energy Action Plan

    Metro is implementing its first ever Energy Action Plan to reduce the Authority's energy use, contain operating costs, and help the region move forward sustainably. This Plan is central to transforming the way Metro does business to rebuild for the future.

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    Energy Action Plan