Current Initiatives and Reports

Current Initiatives

Framework for Transit Equity: Sustainability. With the Framework for Transit Equity, Metro has renewed its focus on advancing transit and social equity across our business. Equity Focus areas include policing, public participation, fares and service, sustainability, contracting, and performance reporting. Draft sustainability principles recognize sustainability as a core value within Metro as well as the most cost-effective and beneficial way to improve performance, achieve climate, environmental and resilience goals, and contribute to livable and equitable communities.

Zero Emission Bus Program: Zero-emission buses have the potential to reduce local air pollution; provide a quieter, smoother ride; and support a more livable and equitable region. Metro’s zero-emission program seeks to ensure readiness and a successful fleet transition as funding becomes available and infrastructure improvements come online.

Solar at Metro: In 2020, Metro successfully negotiated and signed an innovative lease agreement to host a total of 17 acres of solar panels at 4 rail stations to generate energy to power over 1,500 single-family homes. Homes and businesses will be able to sign up for a share of the clean energy generated.

Energy Action Plan: The Plan is helping Metro reach environmental goals through reduced energy consumption and is generating long-term cost savings to ensure responsible stewardship of the region’s dedicated funding.

Bus Transformation Project: The Bus Transformation Project is a plan to transform bus in the Washington region and improve service and customer experience, creating a more cohesive system that works for riders.

Annual Sustainability Reports

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