Rehabilitating the Historic Bus Terminals

The Historic Bus Terminals are in deteriorating condition, in need of rehabilitation. WMATA will renovate these terminals to bring them back to good, working condition. The purpose of the project is to meet WMATA design criteria, make the facilities safer for WMATA employees by returning them to ADA-compliant condition, and to improve the overall appearance of the facilities – all while maintaining the historic integrity of the bus terminals.

Key Design Elements

In order to bring the Historic Bus Terminals to the necessary standards, WMATA plans to renovate the exterior of the building by replacing all of the doors and windows as well as the portico columns, roofs, and drainage gutters. Additionally, the canopies, columns, and lighting on all of the terminals will be repaired or replaced accordingly.

In regard to the interior of the Historic Bus Terminals, WMATA’s renovation plans include installing new restrooms, drinking fountains, and upgrading the plumbing systems to provide safer and more functional facilities to their employees. To further improve the space, new janitor rooms and security systems will be installed and interior lighting throughout the buildings will be repaired or replaced accordingly.

Project Schedule

The following timeline details Metro's process for design, review and approval, and construction surrounding the DC Historic Bus Terminals Rehabilitation Project. All dates reflect the latest project status and may be updated as needed.

Design for rehabilitation of 3 historic bus terminalsJuly 2018 – March 2020
Award ContractJuly 2020
Notice to ProceedAugust 2020
Pre-construction activities & submittalsFall 2020
Perform work at Chevy ChaseWinter 2020
Perform work at Colorado AveSpring 2021
Perform work at Calvert StreetFall 2021