New station platforms begin to take shape

Published: Wednesday, July 14, 2021

With platform demolition complete and reconstruction activity well underway, the new platforms are beginning to take shape at Greenbelt, College Park-U of Md, Prince George's Plaza and West Hyattsville. New pylon frames and stainless-steel shelters have been set in place, and the construction team has also been busy preparing new edge lighting and public address systems. Here are some construction highlights from the past few weeks.


Crews fully removed the old platform deck and completed placement of new topping slab at this station. On the platform, crews have installed shelters, benches and pylons. High above the platform, the team is installing skylight framing on the station canopy. In the upcoming weeks, crews will continue to install framing, glass panels and canopy globe lighting.
Platform with new topping slab, shelters and pylonsPlatform with new topping slab, shelters and pylons New canopy skylight framingNew canopy skylight framing

College Park-U of Md

Crews have installed the granite edges along both sides of the platform and new topping slab placement is complete throughout the entire platform, allowing crews to begin installing the slip-resistant tiles, which will improve customer safety by providing better traction in wet conditions. Skylight installation is also underway at the station, which will replace the old skylight glass. In the mezzanine area, new slip-resistant tiles have been added and the skylight glass is fully installed and glazed. Above the platform, crews have begun to install skylight framing on the canopy.

Pouring topping slabPouring topping slab
Work underway at College Park-U of MdWork underway at C ollege Park-U of Md

Prince George's Plaza

Here, the concrete edges have been poured and granite is nearly finished being installed. On the platform undersides, crews have begun to install edge lights and fire standpipe (part of the tunnel fire suppression system). In the upcoming weeks, crews will complete minor crack repairs throughout the station and begin installation of new panels for elevator and escalators.
Work underway at Prince George's Plaza StationWork underway at Prince George's Plaza Placing new topping slabPlacing new topping slab

West Hyattsville

Similar to other stations, the team here has set 1,200 linear feet of granite along the platform edges - longer than three football fields! In the mezzanine area, the team is preparing to install modern, stainless steel faregates, part of plans to replace and upgrade the aging faregate technology throughout the Metro system. Frames for the new station platform pylons have been set across the station, and in the upcoming weeks, the pylons will receive wiring for new speakers, lighting and PIDS (next train signs).
Installing new granite edgeInstalling new granite edge New fare gates ready for installationNew fare gates ready for installation

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