Better Bus: Digital Passenger Information Displays and Modernized Technology

Metro is investing in more digital displays and modernizing its passenger information technology to provide Metrobus customers with real-time travel information, enabling you to better plan your trip and stay informed on the go.

These technology investments include large, easy-to-read digital displays onboard Metrobus and at bus stops. We've also made technology upgrades for faster, more reliable access to next-bus prediction times on your phone, computer, or mobile devices through our busETA app (soon to be MetroPulse!).

The next time you're traveling on Metrobus, lookout for some of these modernized enhancements, including:

At-Stop Real-Time Information Screens

At-Stop Real-Time Information Screens:

Metro is adding real-time information screens around the region. Installed on bus stop poles or in bus stop shelters, these screens provide customers with service change information for planned and unplanned events. Additionally, every screen features text to speech capabilities. Our newest screens, a technology we call ePaper (like your favorite eBook reader) is lightweight and energy-efficient, drawing it’s power from the sun.

On-Board Information Screens

On-Board Information Screens:

New Metrobus orders will include two brighter, wider information screens, providing you with more information about your route as you travel. These new screens will also display upcoming stops, along with an estimated arrival times. In 2024, we will also be able to provide service change information.

These technology upgrades are being implemented across the region to bring you a Better Bus experience. Visit to learn more about how we're investing in safer, more convenient and reliable Metrobus service for you.