Riders' Advisory Council Application

Call for applications for vacancies on Metro's Riders' Advisory Council.

Metro's Board of Directors wants to hear from people like you.

Metro’s riders have a lot of good ideas about Metro and a unique perspective on Metro’s service. The Riders’ Advisory Council offers Metro customers the opportunity to work with Metro’s Board of Directors and Metro staff to represent customers’ voices in decision-making and help set policies that will improve Metro’s service and customers’ experiences.

Metro is currently soliciting applications from customers interested in filling vacancies on the Riders’ Advisory Council. The Metro Board will be appointing individuals to fill seats representing the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia and an At-Large seat in December 2023. Please apply by 9 a.m. on Monday, November 27th if you're interested in being considered for appointment. 

Do you qualify?

We encourage you to apply for membership if you:

1. Ride Metrobus, Metrorail or MetroAccess;

2. Are not employed by Metro or a Metro contractor;

3. Are not an elected official; and

4. Live within the Metro service area.

What you give. What you get.

If selected, you’ll advise Metro’s Board of Directors and offer input to Metro staff on how to improve Metro’s service. You won’t be paid, but you will have the opportunity to use your expertise to make a difference in the ways Metro serves the region.

Members are required to attend the RAC’s monthly meeting each month. Meetings currently take place online and are expected to include an in-person option (at Metro’s L’Enfant Plaza Headquarters) beginning in Summer 2022. Members are also encouraged to solicit input from other riders and to meet with their appointing Board members to share their feedback.

For more information about the Riders’ Advisory Council, please visit their website.

How members are selected.

Metro’s Board of Directors will appoint candidates that represent a diverse cross section of customers and reflect a broad representation of people from different geographical locations in the Metro service area.

With a limited number of vacancies on the Council, unfortunately not every applicant can be accepted. If you are not selected to fill a position on the Council, you’re still welcome to attend and participate in meetings; your application will be kept on file for one year and reviewed when vacancies arise for which you’re eligible.

The Next Step.

Please complete and submit the application below.

Riders Advisory Council Application

To get this application in an accessible format, please call 202-962-2511 (TTY 202-962-2033).

Enter the following information:

* indicates a required field.

What do you use Metrorail, Metrobus or MetroAccess for?
Do you consider yourself transit-dependent?

Please provide a brief statement (500 words or less) outlining why you wish to serve on the Riders Advisory Council. Include your community involvement/volunteer activities.

Do you have any experience and familiarity with regional transit issues?

If yes, please share how these issues impact your experience as a Metro rider.

Please describe how you – as a member of the Riders' Advisory Council – would solicit feedback from fellow Metro riders.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell us?

Serving on the Council requires attending one evening meeting per month that lasts approximately two hours each. If selected, you would also be encouraged to communicate with fellow members and Council staff between meetings. Are you able to commit to this level of involvement?
The council meets the first Wednesday of every month from 6 - 8 p.m. Can you meet at this time?

The following demographic questions are voluntary and will not be considered as part of your application. Metro asks these questions in order to measure which customers are applying to the RAC and to inform our outreach efforts.

Which best describes your race and/or ethnic background?
Is English your first language?
What is your household's annual income range?
What level of education have you completed?

Metro may use or disclose the individual information collected on this form to fill positions on the Riders’ Advisory Council. Providing this information is voluntary, but an individual who does not submit a complete application with the exception of the self-identification of your race, ethnicity and income may not be considered as a candidate for membership on the Riders’ Advisory Council.  Except for the information on your race, ethnicity and income, information from this form may be disclosed for law enforcement purposes; to congressional offices or offices of elected officials in the Transit Zone; to contractors, grantees an others; for administrative claims, complaints and appeals; and in connection with litigation. Selected information about Riders’ Advisory Council members, excluding the information on race, ethnicity and income may be disclosed to the public.

In order to comply with certain governmental recordkeeping and reporting requirements for administration of civil rights laws and regulations that WMATA is subject to, we invite you to voluntarily self-identify your race, ethnicity, and income. Submission of this information is voluntary and refusal to provide it will have no bearing on your application. All such information will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used in accordance with provisions of applicable laws, orders and regulations.