For immediate release: April 14, 2021

Metro encourages Green and Yellow line customers to plan ahead for May 1-9 track work

Metro anima a los usuarios de las líneas verde y amarilla a planificar con antelación su viaje por los trabajos en las vías que tendrán lugar del 1 al 9 de mayo

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 Metro is reminding Green and Yellow line customers to plan ahead for scheduled track work May 1-9 that will require free shuttle buses to replace trains at four stations over one weekend and the weeklong closure of West Hyattsville. The work will upgrade the interlocking system at Fort Totten, which allows trains to safely cross from one track to another.

The work is part of preparations for the summer Platform Improvement Project, which will close four Green and Yellow Line stations north of Fort Totten. These summer station closures will increase use of the interlocking, as trains will need to more frequently turn around at Fort Totten to provide service on the rest of the line. Taking advantage of the historically low ridership, Metro will conduct this work prior to the start of the summer shutdown to ensure safe and efficient rail service is available for the duration of the project. 

The work will occur during the previously scheduled May 1-2 weekend shutdowns of West Hyattsville, Prince George's Plaza, College Park-U of Md, and Greenbelt, and during the week of May 3-9, when West Hyattsville will be closed. Due to preconstruction activity at these stations, customers are advised that parking restrictions and the temporary relocation of buses at Prince George's Plaza will be in effect.  

The FEMA community vaccination center at Greenbelt will remain open during this time. 

Service Information

May 1-2


  • No Green or Yellow line service north of Fort Totten
  • Yellow Line trains will operate between Franconia-Springfield/Huntington and Mt Vernon Sq
  • Green Line trains will operate between Branch Ave and Fort Totten

Shuttle Bus

  • Limited-stop service between Greenbelt, College Park U-of Md & Fort Totten
  • Limited-stop service between Prince George’s Plaza, West Hyattsville & Fort Totten
  • Local service between Greenbelt, College Park U-of Md, Prince George’s Plaza & West Hyattsville

May 3-9


  • No train service between Fort Totten and Prince George’s Plaza
  • Yellow Line trains will operate between Huntington and Reagan National Airport and between Franconia-Springfield and Mt Vernon Sq
  • Green Line trains will operate between Branch Ave and Fort Totten and between Prince George’s Plaza and Greenbelt

Shuttle Buses

  • Free shuttle bus service will be available between Fort Totten, West Hyattsville, and Prince George’s Plaza

About the Platform Improvement Project

The Platform Improvement Project is a major initiative under Metro's 10-year, $15.5 billion Capital Improvement Program. Metro developed the Platform Improvement Project to advance the reconstruction of platforms at 20 stations while minimizing customer impact. The four-year project will primarily use extended shutdowns, rather than single tracking, to provide contractors with 24-hour access to selected work sites. This approach was developed to improve safety while significantly reducing project duration because workers do not have to repeatedly set up and break down their equipment. The approach also minimizes customer impact outside the work zone by allowing Metro to continue to provide normal rail service elsewhere on the system.

Metro's Capital Improvement Program

Metro is investing in system safety, reliability and the region's economy through its 10-year, $15 billion capital program. For the first time in Metro's history, the capital program is bolstered by dedicated funding from Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. The capital program will improve the customer experience and keep the region's infrastructure in a state of good repair by investing in new railcars and buses, improving stations and platforms, upgrading fire-suppression and emergency response systems, replacing and repairing tracks, tunnels, bridges, signals and communications systems, rebuilding decades-old bus garages and providing modern customer amenities such as passenger information systems. In spending local taxpayer dollars for capital projects, Metro is seeking to reinvest in our hometown economy, creating jobs and encouraging participation from disadvantaged, minority-owned, and small businesses in the region.

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