Customer Complaint Process

  1. Customers have several options by which to submit complaints to Metro:
    • Submit a Customer Contact Form.
    • Call Customer Relations at 202-637-1328.
    • Submit a paper comment form, which are available inside all Metrorail stations.
  2. All complaints will be entered and tracked in Metro's Customer Relationship Management database.
  3. All customers will receive an initial acknowledgement of their complaint within five business days, and where possible complaints will be resolved on the first contact.
    • Further correspondence and feedback to the customer is determined based on issue type, severity, and customer request(s).
    • Metro's goal is to resolve all complaints within five business days, however some complaints may require additional investigation and follow-up time.

Metro ADA Ombudsman

For additional support on accessibility-related complaints, customers may contact the Metro ADA Ombudsman in the Office of ADA Policy and Planning (ADAP). The findings and responses of all investigations handled independently by ADAP will be submitted to the Customer Relationship Management database for inclusion in the record created following the customer's initial complaint. Contact information for the ADA Ombudsman is as follows:

Barbara J. Milleville
ADA Ombudsman
Office of ADA Policy and Planning
300 7th St SW
Washington, DC 20024
TTY 202-962-3780